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Dog Drying Coats - Yellow


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These are the ideal drying coats for your dog after a swim, bath or a walk on a wet day.

Surfdog robes look fantastic but they are not a fashion accessory.

Surfdog robes are a lot of fun but they have a serious purpose!

Surfdog robes are super quick drying machines for wet dogs!

Made of high tech micro fibre towelling, they are super absorbent, quick drying and incredibly light.  Perfect for dogs as they do not snag like a cheaper towelling version.

  • great for after beach or bath 
  • perfect for groomers and show people as they dry your dog in minutes with no knots or matts
  • quick drying lightweight micro fibre towelling
  • easy to throw over and tie around wriggling tummies
  • dry off your surfdog and keep your car/home sand and wet dog free!
  • tail hole for your dogs comfort and to let him show the world how much he loves our robe!

The last thing you want is your car (or house) smelling as bad as your wet dog. Thats why Surfdog designed their beach robes.

Much more practical and fun than a boring old towel! Just wrap up your wet mate and absorbent micro-fiber towelling takes care of the rest.

They even left a hole for the tail so your dog can show you how happy it is!

Dries your Surfdog super quick without you having to chase them around with a towel, or rub their coats which causes nasty knots!


Please note that size XL is a limited quantity supply. Because of the limited supply of this size order quantity per person will be restricted to one robe per person (unless you can prove you have two large dogs!) and we may also request proof of ownership of such a large dog to avoid these being bought for selling on! We want them to go to real large dog owners!

For a larger version of this sizing chart see our sizing information page

Product Code: YELMDENQ24

Manufacturer: SurfDog Australia


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